Theory of Learning

Designed for students seeking academic of bake and culinary and prepare for students dream career in culinary creative and dynamic field, our program focus on theoretical and technical aspects. To become a professional chef, students have to understand theoretical and technical aspects of baking skill. Thus, 30% of theory and 70% of technique skill is provided by our centre.

From the use of advanced culinary equipment to the planning and execution of elaborate pastries by using “the scientific style”, the Diploma in Culinary is a comprehensive introduction to the culinary world. For instance, management of baking time and measurement of ingredients in scientific way is required to maintain products’ quality and high volume in production.

Chef Eddie Choong Bake & Culinary Centre to the students with relax and real industry experience in full-equipped culinary classes combined with strong academics. Our hands-on industry specific approach will prepare to the students with the skill and experience needed to succeed in this rapidly growing field.

Development of further courses at the centre is continuous, aimed at offering an outstanding academic subject to the students to cover all activities and specializations within the local baking industry. Numbers of student is kept to a maximum 10. Students sit close to the chef instructor and what is being taught to ensure everyone can absorb the full education from the professional chef.

Diploma & Prospect

The rising level of unemployment, many of fresh graduates have to face their career problem. Chef Eddie Choong Bake & Culinary Centre helps graduate gain the skills they will need for a successful career, arrangement of relevant job will be provided to graduate in bake and culinary industry.

Before aquiring a recognized certificate from Chef Eddie Choong Bake & Culinary Centre, all graduates have to meet under our centre’s requirement via sitting an exam and a special internship, help student to gain real experience in the bakery environment after graduation.

ITheory and contemporary culinary techniques are covered extensively by our centre. A diploma represents graduate becomes a professional chef. Thus, arrangement of job is our responsibility to ensure every graduate has a good prospect in the future. Chef Eddie Choong Bake & Culinary Centre is dedicated to helping aspiring graduate become creative and inspiring leaders in the field.

Pastry Interest Class

宗旨: 让学员尝试了解烘焙乐趣
为期: 1天课程(4小时)
课程时间: 星期六 2pm-6pm
学费: (根据课程而定)
Payment: Paid Full
Cash/Cheque: Chef Eddie Choong Bake & Culinary Centre Sdn.Bhd.
开课月份 4,6,8月2014年
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If you enjoy cooking or have worked in the Food Service Industry, our Chef Training program will be a positive step in a long lasting professional and rewarding career.

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