Professional Culinary Art

Duration: 6 Months Course + 3 Months Practical + 3 Months Course + 3 Months Practical
Programme: 60% of Practical + 20% of Theory + 20% Bakery
Menu includes: Western. French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Hungarian, Irish, Continental, American, Portuguese, Chinese, Malay, Desserts and Basic Cake Dressing
Theory includes:
  • Personal Hygiene, Kitchen Cleanliness, Food Hygiene, Kitchen Safety
  • Kitchen's Layout , Kitchen's equipments and tools, Kitchen's maintenance, management and design
  • Food preparation procedures, storage and preservation, Nutritions and Food Management
  • Costing - calculation and control
  • How to plan menu
Commencing Date: 03.08.2015 (Monday)
Course Time: 5 Days week ( 4 days Class 1 day revision)
(4 hourly for each class)
Course Fees: RM8000/=
  • Deposit RM500/= (Non-Refundable)
  • RM3500/=
  • RM2000/=
  • RM2000/=
  • Fees is entitled for 6% GST
Fees Inclusive of:
Learning materials, Chef Uniform , 1 pc Academy T-Shirt, Cap, Apron
Fees not included:
Revision materials and tool
(Tools to purchase 3 knifes RM80/=. 1 thermometer)
Cash/Cheque: Chef Eddie Choong Bake & Culinary Centre Sdn.Bhd.
Certificate will only considered complete with Internship report
  • Must keep record of daily routine in the hotel.
  • Must get the signature from Chef in charge and submit to Academy

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If you enjoy cooking or have worked in the Food Service Industry, our Chef Training program will be a positive step in a long lasting professional and rewarding career.

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